Using IVRS For Data Collection In Hospitals

Functionality in hospitals

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) can be applied in almost every sector. However, the systems usage in hospitals has increased only over the past few years. IVR Solutions can be used in various hospitals to reduce the waiting time of the callers.

An IVR system allows callers to obtain data with ease. Hospitals and Clinics can use an IVR system to allow their callers to receive access their test results. This information is easily handled by the IVRS while preserving the privacy of the caller. This way the user can be assured of avoiding any potential embarrassment of leakage of sensitive information or test results.

An additional function of an IVR system is the ability to allow external callers to page the hospital staff as well as transfer the inbound calls to the paged person.

A sophisticated IVRS application can be used in Indian hospitals for patient enrollment, inventory and logistic management administration and to collect data.

It is well proven that IVRS controls damages and waste due to careless human error and poor management up to 30%. This adds value in terms of direct cut in cost and better utilization of resources. This is one of the major reasons why a number of hospitals are getting attracted towards implementing the IVRS application in their facility.

Today hospitals are in a race to adopt IVRS/IVR technology in their premises and incorporate it in all of their functionaries. The functionality covered by the IVRS in the hospitals incorporates:

* Enrollment of Patients.

* Patient diary maintenance.

* Dispensing and allotment of medications.

* Inventory & Logistic Management (for supplies and allocation of medical devices).

* Follow up visits.

* Automated call-out reminder system and task schedulers.

* Healthcare resources and pecuniary utilization.

* Real-time reporting.

Data collection

All these functions performed by an IVR System help hospitals without a doubt in incorporation of data collection. Data can now be assimilated in every function and compiled for records for future reference. This boon of IVRS technology for data collection is a centric function that brings a sequence to all the other activities in the hospitals.

Data can be systematically entered and compiled in automated worksheet through programming of IVRS. Hospitals use an Interactive Voice response System (IVRS) for Data collection mainly in the following tasks:

Patient Records:

The patients under treatment in hospitals can be coordinated with their records. That is why; doctors in hospitals maintain a patient diary through IVRS. This diary helps them keep a check on the patient’s history. Therefore, they are able to advice a patient better during future visits for consultation.

This is made possible by accessing the previous data collected about the patients, assigned with codes. Every patient is then provided with a different numeric code that can generate all the history of previous records of that specific patient. On being entered in an IVRS mechanism, this unique numeric code details the doctor about the patient’s history.

Doctors and Surgeons:

All the information and data regarding doctors is logged in the databases using an IVR System. Patient’s can check the availability of the concerned doctors or surgeons through an IVR based pre-recorded message merely by a simple telephone call.

Drug and medical devices:

The components used in hospital operations can be logged in an IVRS with an assigned numeric identity. This helps authorities to identify the drugs available with various hospitals anytime in any location. Drugs can also be logged in with details of composition and therapeutic use. This meticulous description of drugs helps doctors keep in mind the health and symptoms while advising a drug to their patient.

Inventory & Logistic Management:

Inventory information in hospitals can be maintained over the telephone line using IVRS. Employees managing the inventories at different locations can provide and report the information about their inventory needs and current inventory status in an IVRS application.


IVRS enables hospitals to record and project status in the form of reports that can be accessed within the entire supply chain, doctors and patients. The data generated through this work process is logged in an IVRS using the data forms reports. Daily progress reports can be set up on an IVRS as well. These can be accessed by the concerned authority without any hassle as it is simple to use. One just has to feed the name of the project and the employee id. The IVR System would then handle the rest. However, any employee feeding the report would have to provide the projects’ and his id. Only then would he be able to feed the report. Same is the case with patient reports.

Surveys and Campaigning:

Hospitals can conduct surveys and campaigns for a social cause and disease like tuberculosis (TB), polio vaccinations through an IVRS. The data gathered through these surveys can then be recorded for future researches. The campaigns can also be materialized for awareness of disease like dengue, malaria amongst the masses. Services ranging from calling people at the hospitals for blood donation camps, training to free consultation, the campaigns can incorporate any kind of objective. In fact, IVRS Auto dialers can help people in communicating these campaigns and surveys to reach the masses with a single call.

Advantages of using IVRS in hospitals for Data Collection

Modern IVRS / IVR systems enable hospitals to interact through a computer system via two interfaces – the interactive response voice based system (IVR) and an interactive response web-based system (IWR). This application can be materialized for following benefits:

* Similar to the 24X7 work schedules followed by hospitals, the IVR system also works within that time frame for data collection.

* One need not face the tensions of getting stuck in a manual search for data in an extensive library of record files.

* IVRS increases the acceleration of management and makes it more efficient and accurate. It also exempts the unnecessary workload over the staff.

* IVRS is an entirely automated and user-friendly device, which can be used for compilation of data by the hospitals, without having to hire technical experts.

* Supply via IVRS based Application Service Provision (ASP) model, for cases in hospitals

* IVRS makes input and management of data easy and error free for the hospitals. It also does not involve manual interference.

* Controls the cost factor by timely allocation and dispensing of resources/medications in the hospitals inventory through data accumulation.

* IVR supported task schedulers enhance the hospitals’ administration and keeps a check on the work status and progression of each employee.

* Alarm system can be incorporated within the system, using data generated via IVRS to alert hospitals work staff of their assigned tasks.

Thus, an IVR System would surely help in the entire functioning of the hospitals.

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Hospital Scrubs Wholesale – Save Money by Purchasing Scrubs in Bulk

Scrubs are recognized as official hospital wear for medical personnel in most hospitals; both in the USA and in the UK. The loose-fitting attires are easily distinguishable attires make the wearers identifiable as hospital staff. The medical attires consist of V-necked shirts and pants with elastic waist bands. In some instances a scrub cap may be part of the medical attire worn by surgeons and other medical personnel while performing surgical operations.

These medical attires are always in great demand at hospitals due to the nature of work undertaken by hospital staff. The medical attires can acquire stains from patients’ bodily fluids in the normal hospital functions. Hospitals generally purchase hospital scrubs wholesale to ensure that the medical attires are always accessible to the staff members who may require quick changes every now and then.

Purchasing hospital scrubs wholesale helps medical facilities save on money. Scrubs are a commodity just like any other available product in the market. Their price is dictated by demand and supply dynamics meaning that their price will go up if they are in high demand and their price could similarly decrease when demand is low. These medical apparels are always in high demand which levels their price to a somewhat high price. It is for these reasons that hospital scrubs wholesale offers exist. The wholesale offers help hospitals save on money when they buy in bulk. Sellers are more willing to lower the price per unit when a single buyer is buying in bulk. The wholesale price reduction offers are often sales strategies devised by sellers however they are sales strategies which benefit both the seller and buyer. While the seller achieves profits from the bulk sale, the buyer acquires the product they need at cost reduced prices. This is a great offer to hospitals that require maintenance of a certain budget to support everyday hospital functions.

Buying hospital scrubs wholesale reduces instances of shortages which may arise at anytime within a hospital and require a medical facility to compromise its daily or weekly budget towards solving the shortage. This means that the hospital would have to cut back on utility costs to cover the shortage. Cutting back on costs ultimately trickles down to almost every budget related aspect of the hospital including employee salaries. Scrubs can be viewed as cheap products which don’t have a huge impact on finances. Hospital personnel, particularly hospital accountants, can attest to just how much they spend yearly on purchasing scrubs. The medical apparels are very important to hospital personnel beyond measure.

Due to the high pressure, and at times stressful, work environment employees do not need the extra stress brought about with maintaining clean work clothes. The hospital environment also requires high-speed and constant movement. Regular clothes more than often do not support the level of movement hospital personnel require. That is why scrubs come in handy; the apparels are tailored to facilitate easy movement in the hospital work environment. Hospital personnel also need to quickly change into clean clothes as soon as the ones they are wearing get stained owing to the nature of the job. Temporary hospital staff members are always recruited to help out in hospitals every other day. The temporary staff members are also required to wear scrubs making them identifiable to patients as part of the hospital staff. All these reasons contribute towards hospital scrubs wholesale buying.

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